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Looking for a Stream Worthy TV? Here is what Netflix Recommends…

Thinking of getting a new TV? Netflix has some thoughts around what makes a good stream-able TV device.

Netflix ranks TV’s based on five criteria:

  • TV Instant On – The TV and apps are ready to use instantly.
  • Fast App Launch – Apps such as Netflix run immediately even when other applications are running.
  • Streaming Buttons Directly on the Remote – A set of streaming buttons should be available directly from the remote
  • Streaming Application Icons directly on the TV menu – Easy Access to Streaming Apps in a single click
  • Remembers where you last left off – The TV application should remember directly where you left off in the last show.
  • High Resolution Display of at least 1080p – A resolution of at least 1080p.  And with 4K content finally becoming more accessible, its worth exploring.

Netflix Recommended Smart TVs for 2018

So who made the cut? 


2018 LG OLED TVs & 4K UHD TVs (with webOS)

W8 | E8 | C8 | B8 | SK9500 | SK9000 | SK8070 | SK8000 | UK7700 | UK6570 | UK6500 | UK6300 | UK6270 | UK6200


2018 Sony Android TVs

A8F | X907F | X905F | X900F | X858F | X857F | X856F | X855F | X851F | X850F | X780F | X757F | X755F | X751F | X750F

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Roku Announces Roku Premiere a 4K HDR Streaming Stick with a Remote

Roku announced today the availability of the Roku Premiere, available October 07, 2018, priced at $39.99.

Roku Premiere is a 4K HDR plug in streaming device for the TV. It comes with a remote. Roku Premiere Plus includes a voice recognition component with support for Google Assistant and Spotify coming soon.

With Roku Premiere you can access Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube TV, Hulu, CBS All Access, and more.

The Premiere device is tiny making it an easy travelling companion. And unlike Chromecast which requires you to you use your phone as the remote, the Roku Premiere comes with the standard Roku remote with dedicated buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Vudu.

The Premiere device comes amidst a growing number of consumer electronic devices. Roku will ship in November of 2018, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. The Roku remote is configured to control the volume of the speakers as well. Those speakers, which come in a pair, make for a multi-dimensional sound experience. Music is also supported and everything, except for the power, is wireless making it easy to move and position appropriately.

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Amazon’s Launches Recast a DVR Compatible with Fire TV

Amazon has announced that they will be releasing Recast, a streaming media device that includes a DVR to record over-the air Live TV shows from the major TV networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Recast can record 2 to 4 shows at a time based on the model and can stream the content to multiple devices.  A new DVR menu will appear on your connected Fire TV devices.

Channel Guide

A new Live TV channel guide integrates content that is recorded, on tv live, and available content from prime and other connected streaming channels.  Amazon’s attempt represent a serious attempt at bridging the streaming and linear tv programming worlds.


Accessible Across Amazon Devices

The DVR can be accessed from the Fire TV mobile device applications as well enabling viewing on the go.

How does it work?

Recast connects to an antenna (sold separately) and can record HD channels that are sent over the air. These broadcast channels include ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and CW but not other cable channels.  The DVR will come with 500GB of space, though a 1TB version is also available.  




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Roku Launches Free Streaming Service

Roku has entered the streaming service with a new free ad-supported offering.

The Roku Channel is accessible on Roku and non Roku devices including web browsers and mobile devices.

Simply register with your email address and access a set of shows ranging from the Matrix Trilogy  to TV classics like 3rd Rock from the Sun.

And while so far many of the titles appear to be older TV and movie shows, there are some live TV options including ABC news and the all digital service Cheddar.

Roku has continued an aggressive growth streak since its 2018 IPO.  The ad-supported streaming service shares many aspects with Tubi TV, a well established free ad supported streaming service.

Roku’s move further comes on the heals of their announcement to move their offices from the campus of Netflix to a new much larger downtown San Jose space.

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