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Binge Worthy: TV Legal Dramas on Streaming

Stream Insider takes a look at the top binge worthy TV Legal Dramas shows available for streaming services.

Goliath (Available on: Amazon Prime Video)
If you like courtroom drama, straight shooting, root for the underdog shows, you’ll find an interest in Goliath.  Goliath chronicles the story of a down and out one time high powered lawyer on his way back up as he challenges an established, corrupt, law firm and corporation in a wrongful death case.

Why we like it?: It is courtroom drama at its finest and a step up from the traditional Law and Order TV Series.  Billy Bob Thornton delivers well in his classic straight talking get things done role.

Binge Worthy: Yes.  The first season is consumed with just one, albeit intricate, legal case making this a perfectly binge-able TV series.




Suits (Available on: USA & Amazon Prime Video)
Suits brings a mix of legal drama replete with much off screen drama.  The show traces a journey of the partners of a high powered Manhattan law firm that historically only hires Harvard Law School trained lawyers.  Till now, when a senior partner takes a chance on a purported lawyer who in fact actually never attend law school.

Why we like it?: The legal swagger of the lawyers is equally matched if not exceeded by the outside courtroom office politics.  Indeed, the corporate power plays between partners, clients, former employees, and spurned relationships gives ample storylines that develop characters and bring a depth to the relationship between manager and mentee.
Starring: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter; Megan Markle as Rachel Zane; Patrick Adams as Mike Ross.

Binge Worthy: Yes.  There are seven seasons so this is one you can keep playing over the hours.  The story line progress across the seasons in terms of users stories but there are plenty of legal stories in the intervening time.


The Good Wife (Available on: CBS, Amazon Prime Video)

The Good Wife charts the renewed career as a litigator in a law firm after a set of scandals of her husband a state attorney.

Why we like it?: The show is smart, personable, and in-tune with current issues.  The legal side is interspersed with a strong character development theme.

Binge Worthy: Yes.  The series has now concluded but all 7 seasons are available to view.





Bull (Available on CBS All Access)

Now it its second season, Michael Weatherly has moved past his role as Gibbs protégé from NCIS to land the lead role in his own Series.  Weatherly plays the role of Dr. Bull, a psychologist, that has started a legal consulting practice that focuses on using psychology to select the jury and win the case.

Why we like it?: Using psychology to select juries and in criminal justice cases is not new, having the a non lawyer lead the team of lawyers is.  Unlike other shows which play a certain deference the lead trial lawyers on the cases, Bull stands distinct in that a non lawyer truly call this shots making the show more intellectual in nature and relatable to non-attorneys.  Indeed this approach coupled with a supporting cast that includes a former FBI agent and data scientists gives not a detective storyline and a relevant technology bend as well.

Binge Worthy: Yes, but you will need CBS All Access for it.  The show is currently running and is in its second season.

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