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Binge Worthy: Action Spy TV Shows

Stream Insider takes a look at the top binge worthy TV Legal Dramas shows available for streaming services.

Covert Affairs (Available on Amazon Prime Video)

From the producer of the Bourne Trilogy, comes Covert Affairs, which originally aired on USA.  Annie Walker played by Piper Perabo (remember her from Coyote Ugly movie) takes the lead role as a CIA Analyst and Field Agent.  The series follows Walker on a variety of CIA missions that take her across the globe on assignments.

Why we like it?: The show is full of action set across some of the world’s most beautiful cities and backdrops.  The interplay between her handler and management of the Agency leaves the audience gripping to their seat.

Binge Worthy: Yes.  There are 5 seasons.  We found Season 4 to be in the most compelling as Walker and her team battle forces both in and outside the Agency.


Strike Back (Available on Amazon Prime Vide0)

Strike Back follows MI-6 agents across the world on special operations.  Originally created for Cinemax, the action sequences are good and more intense than the big traditional network channels.

Why we like it?: Strike Back is an interesting change from the U.S. centric spy series.  The show changes the focal point to MI-6 instead. The series is high energy and intense action.

Binge Worthy: Yes, currently the first 5 seasons are available on Amazon Prime.  Season 6 is still running.


Hunted (Available on Amazon Prime Video)
Melissa George plays a private security intelligence analyst

Binge Worthy: Yes, the first and only season focuses on 1 extended plot line on a corruption scandal.  After one season of this series, you will get a good closure of the plot line and perhaps wish they had extended it for a second season.  But in an increasingly competitive landscape for Spy TV Series, it is understandable to see why this eight part show is a one and done.

Why we like it?: The show seems like a longer version of a movie and good for a weekend viewing session.

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